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Learning online or in a hybrid setting may require you to practice new strategies to be successful.  Remember, no one gets through college alone and often the most important tools you have for success involve building a strong support network. Below are some proven tips and tools to be successful in your virtual classes and beyond.

Connect to Other Students

Customize your Zoom profile by adding a professional picture of yourself so others can see your face even when your camera is off.  This allows classmates as well as instructors to more easily identify who is speaking or has a question.

Form a study group!  Make connections with classmates by attending tutoring or create a group on canvas and invite your classmates to join. You can also ask your instructor if they can support you in creating a study group or connecting to other students in your class.

Keep up to date with what is happening online and on-campus by checking BBNvolved and trying something new.

Find one other Wildcat you’ve just met and reach out to them to meet over zoom. How can you socialize virtually?

Connect with your Instructors

Carefully read the syllabus and course schedule. Make a note of everything that is due in your planner or add it to your to-do list on canvas.

Take advantage of office hours by going early and often! 

Instructors are encouraged to communicate through email and Canvas, so make it a habit to check these daily. Make sure to set your notification preferences in Canvas so you don’t miss important announcements.

Show your Wildcat pride by using these great Zoom-friendly backgrounds:  

While learning online, try to make your learning active by asking questions and taking notes. Minimize distractions by identifying a quiet location to complete your work, and stay organized by blocking out time for your course in your planner. 

Connect to your 3:1 Supports

UK has support for everyone!  Sometimes it is hard to know which supports you need.  That’s why developing a 3:1 Support plan for yourself is an important part of your success.  

You can identify your 3:1 supports with the help of our Resource Guide.

*Are you a support service that isn’t listed?  Let us know!

Need help identifying what your 3:1 Support plan should be for in-person and online learning?

Make an appointment with an academic or integrated success coach!  

Visit the Academic Coaching website for instructions.

The 3:1 Support for Students showing Venn Diagram of overlapping Academic, Access to Opportunuty, and Wellness with the Student at the center.