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Use a high-speed internet connection if available. If you have to go to a public space, have headphones available for listening to lectures or discussions.

Where can I get help with Canvas? 

For Canvas support questions please visit

More Canvas related articles, visit the Tech Help Center ( and search “Canvas”. 

Where can I get help with Zoom? 

For Zoom support questions please visit  

More Canvas related articles, visit the Tech Help Center ( and search “Zoom”. 

How can I download Microsoft Office 365 products? 

The University of Kentucky offers Microsoft Office products (Word, Outlook, PowerPoint, Excel, and more) to all active students, faculty, and staff. To download these programs, go to

How do I know if I need VPN access? 

Many frequently used UK systems do not require VPN. For example, Office 365, Canvas, Virtual Den, and email do not require VPN access. Please review Why do I need to use a VPN? to determine you need VPN before requesting.  

How can I get VPN access? 

To acquire VPN access, you must first put in a request. For full instructions on how to request VPN access, see How do I request VPN access? After your request is approved, you will receive instructions on how to install and connect to VPN.  

What if my personal device does not have the software needed for my courses? 

A variety of software is available to students for download at Instructions here

Virtual Den can provide a portal for students to access a number of software packages that are used in student courses. Read more here

How can I access recordings of my class lectures? 

If your instructor opted to record their lectures and your class is held in an echo-equipped classroom, you will be able to access lecture recordings. If your instructor linked Echo360 to your Canvas course, you will be able to access recordings directly from your course shell. If the instructor chose not to link Echo360 to Canvas, you will need to access Echo360's website in order to access the recordings. 

What non-UK resources are available to provide internet access?